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I’m really excited to announce a partnership between BEST Kiteboarding and Ronix Wake. I’ve been riding the 2010 Ronix One Binding for the last 8 months and have been blown away by the comfort, performance and durability of their boots. Stepping into a Ronix boot is like sliding you foot into a tempur-pedic mattress… its super soft yet ultra supportive!!

Ronix is now THE binding of choice for all of BEST Kiteboarding’s International and National Team Riders. I couldn’t be happier with having the¬†opportunity¬†to work with two of the best companies leading the industry. Put simply, if you haven’t tried riding a Ronix boot… you must, because you’re missing out! And I hate when other people are missing out on something awesome ; )

So stoked on these boots!

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  1. Chingy says:

    w00t! love those boots. you’ll be killin’ more dead (if that’s possible)!

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