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2011 Kahoona V3

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I’ve been in Puerto Rico for the last month working remotely for BEST Kiteboarding, riding with a few of our team riders and filming our new product release video for the new Kahoona V3. The kite is awesome and I was stoked to be part of such a great video. Check it out!

New J.O.B.

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No, not the new Jamie O’Brien Surf Film… but I’ve decided to step it up a notch with BEST Kiteboarding and take a full-time position with the brand as their new East Coast Sales Rep. That’s my new J.O.B.!!!

In my new position I’m responsible for handling all BEST Kiteboarding accounts on the East Coast of Canada, everything east of the Mississippi in the States, the Caribbean, Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia. I couldn’t be more excited to step into this next role and become an even greater  part of such an awesome brand.

And here’s the trailer to that new Jamie O’Brien film:


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Here’s the new Product Release Video Miguel Willis, Kris Kinn, Brian “BCS” Smith and I filmed in Hatteras in October.

The Cable Guys

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I just got back from a Demo tour throughout Florida with Sam Medysky, Joe Ruscito, Brian “BCS” Smith, Kris Kinn, Miguel Willis and Shannon Best. Our goal was to run a ton of demos, ride a few cable parks and kite a ton!

Click the image below for the lowdown on how testing the new 2011 gear went while hitting up a few of the worlds best cable parks:

The Kiteboarder Mag – Interview

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Here’s an interview I did with Alexis over at the Kiteboarder Magazine during the 2010 AWSI Expo in Hood River, Oregon:

Brazil Vid

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Just finished my video from my trip to Brazil. I spent a few weeks in August in the northern town of Cumbuco. The wind in Brazil is amazingly consistant, windy everyday, and I learned a few new tricks… here’s the footage:

Hood What!!!

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So, I just got back from Hood River, Oregon. I was there for a week doing a photo shoot for BEST Kiteboarding and then hung out for the 2010 AWSI Kiteboarding Expo. It was my first time in the Hood and that spot completely lived up to the hype. Amazing scenery, awesome people, great vibe!

I was lucky enough to shoot with one of the best photographers in the industry, Gavin Butler. Here’s fellow team rider Joe Ruscito, Gavin, Jake and I discussing the plan for the day… GET SHOTS!

Joe, Gavin, Jake and I discussing shots

After a late night airport pickup to grab fellow REAL Team Rider, Jason Slezak, and a night on the town in Portland with the Liquid Force  crew, we woke up early to find the river glass’d off!! After a couple cups of coffee we managed to get the crew together and put the boat in the water for an amazing wake session. It was my first time behind a “legit” wake boat and after a couple warm up runs I felt pretty good and was able to land a few solid rotations and invert tricks.

Liquid Force 2010 Supra

On a light wind day, Joe, Gavin, Kristin and I headed out to do some lifestyle shots on the cliffs over the Gorge.

Colombia River

It wouldn’t have been an industry Expo without a few solid parties! Here’s the BEST crew at the Liquid Force/Monster Energy birthday bash for SBC Magazines 10th Anniversary.

BEST Crew at SBC Anniversary Party

Ahhh, the real girls of BEST! I had a great time riding, shooting and hanging out with 9-time World Champion Kristin Boese. I learned a ton from her during the week and was stoked to get to work with a legend!

Laurel, Kris, Me and Kristin


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For the past two months I’ve been able to test and ride the new 2011 performance kite from BEST, the Taboo. I’ve been completely blown away by this kite and it’s characteristics. From the graphics to the handling of the kite, the BEST R&D Team has created the best kite to come from BEST in years! Since I’m a Kiteboarding Coach and ride for REAL Watersports (one of the biggest shops in the world) I’m lucky enough to be able to test gear from all of the top manufacturers. I can say, hands down, the Taboo stands tall amongst the rest.

Props to Joe, Miguel, Kris and Sammy on the video. Here’s the new 2011 BEST Taboo in action:

Brazil – Part 1

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Hola! I just got back from spending two weeks in Brazil. I headed to the North coast to train for kiteboarding and shoot some video. I was blown away by how consistant the conditions are in Brazil. Everyday seems like the movie ‘Groundhog Day’, each day is the same… it’s always sunny, windy and  there’s not a cloud in the sky.

The north coast is home to the legendary Cauipe Lagoon and Taiba Lagoon, two freshwater bodies of water located adjacent to the ocean that give you perfect flat water riding conditions when the wind is 25mph… perfect for training and filming!

The famous Cauipe Lagoon

I’m in the process of editing all the video and will post it up as soon as it’s finished… stay tuned!

Recording a TV interview for Em Cenna, a story about riding bindings and a WakeSkate... relaxing in the lazys,


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I’m really excited to announce a partnership between BEST Kiteboarding and Ronix Wake. I’ve been riding the 2010 Ronix One Binding for the last 8 months and have been blown away by the comfort, performance and durability of their boots. Stepping into a Ronix boot is like sliding you foot into a tempur-pedic mattress… its super soft yet ultra supportive!!

Ronix is now THE binding of choice for all of BEST Kiteboarding’s International and National Team Riders. I couldn’t be happier with having the opportunity to work with two of the best companies leading the industry. Put simply, if you haven’t tried riding a Ronix boot… you must, because you’re missing out! And I hate when other people are missing out on something awesome ; )

So stoked on these boots!